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Department Of Homeland Security Employee Verification  (E-Verify)



E-Verify is a program run by the United States government that compares information from an employee's Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to data from U.S. government records. If the information matches, that employee is eligible to work in the United States. If there's a mismatch, the E-Verify information alerts the employer. If there is a mismatch the employee is allowed to work while he or she resolves the problem within eight days of the report.

The program is operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with Social Security Administration. All employers, by law, must complete Form I-9. E-Verify is closely linked to Form I-9, but participation in E-Verify is voluntary for most employers. E-Verify compares information against millions of government records and returns a result. About 5 percent of queries are identified as "not authorized to work". A 2008 Center for Immigration Studies Backgrounder states that the E-Verify system is 99.5 percent accurate. 

As of September 8, 2009, employers with federal contracts or subcontracts that contain the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) E-Verify clause are required to use E-Verify to determine the employment eligibility of 1) Employees performing direct, substantial work under those federal contracts and 2) New hires organization wide-regardless of whether they are working on a federal contract.

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