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Driver History and License Verification


If you have company vehicles, you should be running driver history reports on those applicants that will be using company vehicles and periodically running driver history reports on your current employees that use company vehicles. We suggest at minimum one time a year.  We offer MVR search in all 50 states.  

By signing up with our service, you will have a complete web-based searchable database to the Department of Motor Vehicle's Driving Records and in most cases, information can be retrieved instantly. You will also have a secure permanent database of all your candidate's driving records. Our software also makes it easy to re-screen your drivers for compliance purposes. 

It's always a good idea to have personnel policies that reflect your company's position on moving and non-moving violations and suspension of a drivers license, operating with a suspended drivers license, etc. These policies should be part of your progressive discipline policies.  We can perform your driver history and license verification checks saving you time and money.

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